Death From Above

It's a common problem: how do you sneak up on a guard? It gets more difficult when he has his back up against a cliff, so you can't approach him from behind. The smarter people will realise the answer lies in the third, vertical, dimension. Well, I call it 'smarter', because the plan involved jumping off an 80 foot tall cliff, which doesn't seem that smart to begin with. However, the dwarf involved, Khazgrim, has something of a death wish, and Xanthia the mage sort-of promised to cast Slow Fall on him after he leapt. No one thought that a gag would have helped, to stop the dwarf shouting 'Geronimo' on the way down, though. That kind of ruins the element of surprise.

After floating down to just above head-height, Khazgrim swings his mighty warhammer down upon the guard, at just the same moment as the guard notices a pretty daisy on the ground and bends over to pick it up. This is where the mage spell list seems deficient, and a Bungee Fall spell would be handy, to give suicidal dwarfs a second chance. Still, Kilgore the Rogue hiding behind a tree not too far away, and on the same level as the guard, charged in to help the dwarf out. Kilgore's unerring accuracy with a spiked chain soon sliced through the daisy's stalk, letting the guard pick it with little effort.

Luckily for the two melee fighters in the party, Zefis the druid had taken time to gain himself a good vantage point on the cliff to fire his heavy crossbow, and Xanthia had drawn her wand of Arcane Missile and fired off a round, both hitting and taking down the guard between them. They must have hit only because the guard was so distracted by falling dwarfs and spiked chain gardeners.

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