Our evil party accepts the task of trying to depose a new paladin ruler, by any means. Whether this is by killing him outright, exposing some hitherto-unknown corruption of his, or deceiving him and everyone else in to believing he has committed attrocities is up to us. Our mage has an interesting idea, in that we start a leaflet campaign suggesting that the paladin eats bunnies for lunch. That idea is solid gold, and would work if we had the months it would take to start a grass-roots campaign needed, but perhaps not the best for an evil, cut-throat party that seems intent on storming the palace to kill anything in sight.

And what luck! We leave the meeting room and wander in to an ambush that requires us to kill anything in sight! Of course, the enemies need to be in sight for us to kill them, and spotting the ambush was not straightforward for those of us with an eyepatch, whether we need it or not. Our ranger is first out of the door and, with his keen senses for humans, spots someone trying to hide in the corner of the alley. With a deftness of subtlety that only a pro could muster, he feigns stumbling over the doorway so that I, being behind him, bump in to him, whereupon he whispers that there is an enemy waiting for us in the corner. It was a clever way to alert fellow party members of danger without letting the concealed enemy know they've been spotted.

Sadly, pirates are not known for subtlety and whispering. 'YARR?! WHICH CORNER BE THEY IN?', I ask, pointedly looking at any corner in the alley I can see.

The ranger shakes his head as he shakes his D20 for the called-for initiative roll.

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