Steve the Pirate

In-between longer adventures, we turn to a short adventure where we play evil characters. I'm not sure what class to play, until Bert mentions off-handedly that I could be a pirate, using the Dread Pirate prestige class that appears in the Complete Adventurer. Yarr, that be a fine idea, matey! Of course, I could have played a pirate without the prestige class, but as we were starting at a high-enough level to allow prestige classes it seeemed the best solution. Never mind that I could have just created a pirate background, actually being a pirate is even better.

In fact, even better than that is being a Halfling Dread Pirate. A Halfling Dread Pirate in an adventure set in a land-locked region some hundred miles from the nearest coastline. If Steve the Pirate doesn't enliven the adventure I'll eat my wooden leg.

Yarr, I be searchin' for this treasure. The map shows X marks the spot, but it just shows the coast and the X, so I be figurin' it be somewhere o'er here in this land. I be lookin' for a while now, but I be getting closer, and when I find it I share it all with you, me hearties! Yarr!

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