Okay, So THAT Is Bad Luck

With a wonderful show of camaraderie, my allies manage to get to my limp and bleeding body with a cure light wounds spell within the round, so I live again! Well, after a fashion, as I am still unconscious. Even with another couple of spells I decide that playing dead is probably the better option, at least until proper fighters have killed the two rogues. A bit more healing later and I feel fit enough to move around again.

We move the dead bodies in to a side room, so that we don't attract too much attention. This is not that much of a solution consideing the goliath barbarian pulverised a passing guard in to his constituent atoms, leaving only his head and his blood intact enough to drag across to us and leave the bloodiest trail you will likely see. Still, moving the bodies out of the main hall still might buy us a few seconds, if anyone who comes along is red-colourblind.

Upon opening the door to the side room we are met with another ambush, and not by guards but by more conspirators. This just isn't our day. The barbarian charges in and attacks the two enemies in the room, after the mage lights them up with glitterdust. It's all under control, but I, Steve the Pirate, want to contribute and taste more blood, yarr! Blood that not be my own, that is.

I start to move in to a position where I can aid my burly chum, but as I do I am surprised by two more assailants in the room who were hiding quite well and outside the burst of the glitterdust. I feel a knife slide in to my spleen, and then my vigour is drained considerably, as I lose 9 points of Constitution as I fail a fortitude saving throw. Not being on full health, being hit for sneak attack damage from an unknown enemy, and then a huge constitution drain leading to death is unlucky. I see that now. I should have enjoyed my time spent at -9 hit points more fully. C'est la mort!

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