At Least it Worked for One Round

It was the perfect plan: the attractive mage would run in to the cavern catching the attention of the enemy miners, claiming that she was being chased. On getting their attention, and pointing at her comrades 'chasing' her, she would set off an area-of-effect spell, centred on her, to throw as many of them off-guard as possible, and her comrades would then charge in to engage the others. The rogue had even stealthily tracked across to block the opposite exit, in case of runners.

The execution went well. The mage got in to the middle of the miners without threat, cast her spell, and the two fighters charged in behind her to engage the enemy. The other miners retreated, but were surprised by the rogue blocking the path, and turned back in to the room. The warrior ran across the room after striking one miner down to block the third exit in the room, to which the running miners were now headed, and the shaman backed off again to block the entrance through which they had come. The miners had no escape route!

This was when the flaw in the plan became apparent. The miners, with nowhere to run, had to stand and fight, and of the four party members only the non-armour-wearing, low-hit-point mage was near the miners, with the other party members blocking the exits.

Luckily, some quickly-thought-out tactics by the warrior intercepted a couple of possible threats, and the shaman was able to work with the mage to shield her effectively from harm. The Ant Hill Mob rescued Penelope once again!

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