World of Windowcraft

We join our intrepid adventurers, Azok the tauren warrior, Han-shom?ɬ©r the high-elf rogue and Churahl the furbolg shaman as they attempt to infiltrate the notorious Defias hideout known as the Deadmines.

Having successfully traversed a sheer drop by rappelling down with ropes, the three adventurers have alighted on to the rooftop of a two storey building abutting the cliff face they have just descended. Like a well-drilled team of seasoned combatants, the two heavies take point guard positions whilst the lissom elf hangs upside-down over the edge of the rooftop and peers through a window to survey the room beyond. Flipping himself back to the roof with effortless grace, Han reports that the room below them is empty and that he has managed to prise the window open and therefore unobserved entry should be simplicity itself. A slightly dubious growl emanates from Chewy and Han translates to Azok, who doesn't speak Ursine, that the big bear is concerned about fitting his not inconsiderable bulk through the moderate sized window. Han admonishes his friend for being so doubting, and proceeds to demonstrate just how easy it is to gain entry.

With that, he grabs the roof edge with both hands, flips himself over the edge, twisting mid flight and flinging himself into the room. There is a slightly loud thunk as he lands, but Churahl thinks nothing of it and, encouraged by his partner's easy ingress, quickly follows. Unfortunately, Han had not made the elegant landing of unsurpassed finesse that the others might have imagined, and it was perhaps seeing Han spread-eagled over a bureau that distracted the otherwise imperturbable furbolg, causing him to catch his foot on the window ledge and to smash head-first into the bureau, knocking Han on to his back, and leaving himself lying prone on the floor; which was a bit of a shame, as it was at that moment that Azok made his acrobatic entry into the room through the window. Perhaps it was the sight of a furbolg rump smiling at him winningly from beneath its chainmail veil, or the sight of the infallible cat-burgling Han lying on his back on the floor under a pile of papers, but Azok was distracted for a fraction of a second, and clipped the lower edge of the window frame with his knee, sending him headlong into the room and into the already much abused bureau, narrowly missing impaling Churahl's exposed posterior with his mighty tauren horns.

Eventually the dazed and humbled sneaks lift themselves up from the pile of papers, pens and fire tinder that was once a desk and brush themselves down. They look at one another somewhat sheepishly, 'Perhaps the Defias are out to lunch' Han ventures hopefully. As if in answer, the urgent sound of a chair scraping along the floor is heard coming from the next room. The adventurers draw their weapons and hope that the inevitable oncoming battle goes better than their spectacular entry into the building.

It could hardly go worse.

2 Responses to “World of Windowcraft”

  1. Nagaicho Says:

    It's possibly worth pointing out that the GM had set the DC check for entry into the room to be a mere 8. A pretty easy check by all accounts.

    All three players rolled a 7.

  2. Azrail Says:

    More impressive still, as using the higher of Str or Agi modifiers gave +4, +5 and +4 on said rolls...