Out of the Frying Pan...

The climactic battle is heating up. The evil necromancer Morbent Fel has retreated, planting himself firmly in a room that is crawling with mutated zombies. Metrius, excelling in melee combat, has been dominated and is swinging his weapon at Wendel, a rogue also good at hand-to-hand combat. Wendel is trying to work out how to get away from the dominated dwarf, as he is proving tricky to deal with and, despite previous 'accidents', shouldn't really be harmed.

'Why don't you withdraw all the way to the Morbent Fel? You can get within five feet of him', comes a suggestion from the party, noting that this would stop Metrius from getting an attack of opportunity against him.

'Sure, and while I'm at it why don't I just step through a portal to Hell so that I can avoid this rather humid room?' comes the perhaps a little sarcastic reply.

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