Thinking is for, uh, I Forget.

Morbent Fel, the necromancer, after repeating his threat that the party will die at the hands of his undead army, vanishes from sight. Faced with a dominated ally and a room full of zombies, the disappearance of their current nemesis is met with confusion and consternation. 'He could have cast Teleport, or Dimension Door, or anything!', cries Samael, the gnome warlock.

Comes a stage whisper from Scintilla, the priest, 'You have Spellcraft, you can work it out'.

Samael's player rolls a 2 on his Spellcraft check, getting a pitifully low and, frankly, embarrassing result. ''He could have cast Teleport, or Dimension Door, or anything!', he repeats.

'He cast Invisibility', Scintilla sighs.

With that, Samael shows that what he lacks in brains he also lacks in subtlety, and draws his Blunderbuss. 'Why pick a square when you have a 20' cone of automatic hit at your disposal!?' comes his battle cry, and if anyone had the capability of seeing invisible creatures at that time they would have seen the look of surprise and frustration of being killed by a gnome pass across Morbent Fel's face as his shredded body slumped to the floor.

Poor man. No one deserved that, not even an evil necromancer hell bent on destroying the world.

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