More Than a Human, Less Than a Gnome.

The adventuring party, less an unstable gnome but now with an unstable high-elf mage, is looking in to a kidnapping of the daughter of a noble, which the noble wants to keep quiet. We are nothing if not low profile, and have hardly spread the word in each tavern and Thieves Guild we have wandered in to and inadvertantly started bar fights in. On top of that, progress has been made, finding the likely culprit and discovering that he did do it, but not with malice, and then it went wrong and the daughter ended up being kidnapped for real. So much for making some easy money, we actually have to rescue her.

Travelling to the kidnappers' den, in the not-so-friendly Blasted Lands, we are awoken one night by a young girl wandering near our camp, clutching a severed human leg, complete with leather boot on its foot.

'This doesn't feel right', intones Wendel, our Dwarven chum, not missing a clue as usual, however subtle it may be.

Coming up behind the girl is a small band of men, claiming that the child is actually a demon. We dispute this, using all our points put in to the not-believing-random-killers skill, and a fight ensues before we have had time to don armour. The girl cowers whilst we fight off her pursuers, and Metrius, the other Dwarf in the party, assumes that this is because she didn't take the Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Severed Leg feat, and didn't want the -4 to hit penalty, which seemed a fair assumption.

The fight was short, and ended up with what remained of our foes kindly heading off to Ironforge to grab a six-pack of beers for us, thanks to a Suggestion spell, whilst we argued about severed legs and soon skittered off in the opposite direction. The girl led us to her home, where we found the owner of the severed leg, a friend of the family, and a couple more bandits torturing said friend of the family. Another quick ruckus, and the friend was rescued and the bandits were spilling their guts, one literally and the other figuratively.

It turned out that this friend of the family was a goblin trader, and the two bandits who hadn't chased the girls were trying to get the command words to all the magic gear they were stealing from him. He was so grateful at his rescue and the safe return of the child that he gave us an on-the-spot 10% discount on all of his many assorted items for sale. Wendel enquired about a magical dwarven waraxe, which, to everyone's surprise, the goblin had in stock.

'Ah, excellent! How much for the magical dwarven waraxe, my goblin chum?', asks Wendel, so excited to have finally found one that the magic weapon section of the DM's Guide slipped his mind.

'With the discount, let's say a nice round 2,000 gold pieces', replies the trader.

Wendel checks his money pouch, and his pockets, and his backpack. 'Hmm, I'm not sure I have quite that amount'.

'How short are you?, Scintilla enquires, ever one to help.

'Well, I am a dwarf', says Wendel. Nevertheless, Scintilla lent him the money, and Wendel is now the proud owner of a magical dwarven waraxe at last. The adventure continues.

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