Today is a sad day indeed. We lost an adventuring friend, one who helped us through many fights, and eased our pain from traps and pitfalls. It's difficult to describe how we all felt, this far from a friendly settlement, when we realised what was about to happen. It was inevitable, yet it came so soon. Yes, we ran out of charges on our wand of Cure Light Wounds.

Some of us, like Wendel, who seemed to depend on the wand more than others, were obviously in denial about this. 'Maybe it sill has some extra charges on it. Maybe we bought a special one, or we lost track of the number of charges we used. Try it out! It's got to be worth a try.' He was shaking a little as he said this.

Scintilla wasn't convinced that the wand was special enough to have more than 50 charges when new, and was a little insulted when it was implied she couldn't keep count. Nevertheless, she took his advice. Grasping the wand firmly, Scintilla attempts to cast Cure Light Wounds on Wendel.

'Hey', complains Wendel, 'either stop hitting me over the head with the wand, or start saying its activation command word.'

2 Responses to “Cure THIS”

  1. The Mighty DM Says:

    A fine eulogy indeed.

  2. Elf Says:

    It's spelt 'eugoogly'.