To Cure or Not to Cure

Adventuring deeper in to the cave system, past a curious wall that lets only those wearing certain rings pass, becomes hazardous when we realise that the cultist lair is seemingly filled with cultists. We provoke a battle here, a combat there, a skirmish up the corridor. It's funny, but I always thought that cultists are looking to recruit most of the time, not trying to kill them, particularly those who turn up at their doorstep. But then who can understand the brainwashed mind of a cutlist?

With all these fights we were taking enough damage to be draining our wand of Cure Light Wounds to dangerously low levels. Every charge became precious, particularly when it only cured two hit points per use. Oh sure, it could potentially heal up to four times that amount, but that is the stuff of legends.

Pushing through another door, we are confronted by some cultist warriors. My new Blizzard spell, doing damage over a fair-sized area for a short period of time, works wonders at stopping them from charging in to melee, and allows us to form front and rear ranks. It also lets them retreat and draw their bows. And call for reinforcements. Yes, Blizzard works a treat. It's not long, however, before we have closed with and start cutting down our foes. Despite their numbers, the combat is relatively brief.

We stop to treat the wounds of our front line fighters, wondering how much longer the curing wand will last us. Seeing how wounded our fighters are, our priest, Scintilla, says in a resigned tone, 'I'll waste another charge on the wand'.

'Why, are you casting it on Wendel?'

Wendel then had to be reminded that hitting a party member would just end up using more charges of the precious wand.

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