It's Just Too Much Work Sometimes

We had rescued the maiden from her kidnapped torture and brought her back to her home town. We had consistently reassured her that her boyfriend had most certainly not been found dead with a dagger in his back, and that message could hardly have been much clearer.

We had told her that finding a succubus in her now-apparently-deserted mansion meant her father was either already dead or that if by some miracle he was still alive he'd still be alive the next day, which was why we were running away.

When she tried to run away from us, thinking we weren't acting in her best interests, a quick Charm Person spell soothed her addled mind and brought her back to her senses.

And slumming it in a normal inn for one night instead of her mansion bed was, she was reminded, still better than being in a cage with a huge demon, where she was not too long ago, thank you very much.

And still she tries to escape through the window during the night!

I swear, I need a Comprehend Women spell.

One Response to “It's Just Too Much Work Sometimes”

  1. Elf Says:

    Of course, the spell would probably require touching the woman to be comprehended, and that brings up a whole host of new problems.