Demon Dad

The mansion of the father of the girl we were hired to rescue was suspiciously empty of the father and rather more suspiciously occupied by a succubus and some henchman. After killing them off, with my increasingly-more-common 'Arcane Missile them in the back as they try to run away' tactic, we explore the mansion a bit more, trying to work out what's going on.

We find a secret door, after realising there was a small hole in the map drawn on the gaming mat, and find a staircase heading down. Our searching skills are clearly improving, as Metrius even finds a trap on the way down the stairs. It's just a pity that he was neither the rogue nor actually looking for a trap. And even though it is a cliche, it is still fun to have the stairs turn in to a slide, and we get to watch a dwarf slide down through a door and then hear the whole room burst in to flames. After a quick rescue (note: not a rescue attempt, as we are professionals, what with all our experience of setting off traps inadvertently), we explore further.

We search rooms and corridors, finding more secrets and human bones, and ending up heading down in a lift to the depths of... something. When we reach the lower level what we see is rather unsettling. There appears before us to be three individuals conducting a demonic ritual, with two followers standing before a leader. Lightning flicks between them all, as chanting reverberates around the chamber, and a painting of the demon Rakh'likh the Defiler is the main feature on the wall.

The leader notices our entrance, and bellows 'You are too late!' bursting in to evil laughter. It is then we realise his identity: it is the father who hired us in the first place! It is he who is behind the whole demonic plot! Without time to wonder why he hired us to find his daughter in the first place, Wendel comes up with a plan.

'Hi, we found your daughter, but I can see you're pretty busy right now. If you'd just like to pay us the fee you agreed we'll be on our way.'

And, with that, we go in to initiative, as his followers make motions to attack us and the father casts Invisibitlity. The lengths people will go to to avoid paying contractors. I'm insisting on a written and signed agreement the next time we go on an adventure.

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