Looking for Something?

My Night Elf warrior was flying about killing orcs on the Netherwing Ledge, enjoying the subterfuge quests the undercover goblin fellow had assigned to me, when I got an in-game tell.

<Paladin> Are you a tank?

<Tiger> Yep.

And with that, the paladin invites me in to the group! Hey, maybe I have my own things to do, and it's not like just because I'm a tank means I'll help out any random bloke, particularly if he doesn't even stop to ask if I'm even in the area. The nerve of some people, just randomly inviting others in to a group to suit his own whims. I don't even recognise his name, so I doubt I've been in a group with him before. Let me just check his guild with a quick /who.

With the results of that /who I realise what's happened. His location is given as the Mechanar, and I remembered that half-an-hour previous I had used the Looking For Group tool to show my availability and desire to enter the Mechanar with a group. Thankfully for me, I hadn't just turned down his invitation request, and joined the group for a pretty decent run through the instance, allowing me to pick up one fragment of the Arcatraz key, which was why I wanted to go to the Mechanar in the first place.

Botanica next. Let's hope I remember more quickly when I've used the LFG tool.

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