It Always Gets My Attention

The expedition to the ancient, underwater towers yielded some fine loot, and made us moderately wealthy and notable. Our prowess as capable adventurers is preceding us, and we are called upon to perform a covert operation to quell potential sedition. This involves us heading in to the seedy and dangerous quarter of the city, rampant with poverty and health problems, and outside of the law. We may well be able to take care of ourselves against fair odds, but when we are surrounded by a city's worth of beggars and street fighters the situation may be a little beyond our means to control. We need to keep on our toes.

'We're going in to a hostile area, trying to decieve the locals in to believing we are there for reasons that are not strictly true. There is a good chance that we will be uncovered at some point, and then everything could go really badly for us. Do we want a prearranged signal, or safe word or phrase, that we can use to indicate that we may be starting to get in to trouble, so that we can better alert each other?'

'How about, "roll for initiative"?'

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