Hit Me With the Nerf Bat

I picked up playing my now-neglected warlock, if only for a change of pace. I ran around completing some familiar quests in Hellfire Peninsula, for he is only level 61, not having been played much since the release of The Burning Crusade. When I was playing my warrior a few weeks back I remember seeing a level 70 warlock take down a level 71 elite patrolling mob, which was a striking display of power to my damage absorbing but otherwise unspectacular tank of a warrior. With this in mind, and having a quest in my log to kill an elite mob suggesting two players to complete it, I decided to see what I was made of.

Now, I played my warlock extensively pre-BC, getting all the way through Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, to phase 2 of C'Thun in Ahn'Qiraj, and taking down two bosses in Naxxramas. With help, I should add, but still, it got me a lot of purple loot. That made me feel overpowered when I first entered Hellfire Peninsula, but even after a level's adventuring I had found several pieces of equipment that were comparable to, and even one or two that surpassed, my epic gear, so my equipment is powerful but not extreme.

I headed down to find the elite mob for the quest, and saw that he'd just been killed. I would have to wait for a bit, but that was okay, as it let me clear the local area of mobs. I was finishing killing one random orc when another two spawned and took exception to my being so close to them. One of these two spawns was the elite that I was after, and the other was a friend he'd brought to the party. Bear in mind that I was just about finished killing another mob, so I and my demon were on about half health and mana. I set my demon, the fluffy blue voidwalker, on the elite's friend to get him occupied with someone who wasn't me, and then put my main weapon on the elite mob: fear.

The elite was a-feared and running all over the place, which was why I was initially clearing the area, and I threw a few quick damage-over-time spells on him to take his health down a bit and boost my own. I then paid full attention to the normal mob my cloud-like companion was dealing with, and took him down fairly quickly. Back to the elite mob, and another fear kept him running, and more DoTs kept his health falling and mine rising. And that was it. A Death Coil was kept for an emergency stop-gap fear, but fear and DoTs did the trick. I completed the two-player quest without a problem, after starting on sub-optimal resources and having the elite spawn as an add.

Damn, it feels good to be a warlock.

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