Rolling High Gets You Anywhere

An old player who left the group because of moving overseas popped back in to the country and came along to a session to catch up with everyone. We kept our current campaign running and the GM had to think of some way to weave him in to the story temporarily. We start playing, and do so for quarter of an hour or so before we find ourselves back in the inn and working out what to do next, the old player's new character still not introduced.

'Do I recognise Graham's character as a plot device?', I ask, rolling a D20. The die lands on 19, and the GM points out his character as suspiciously uninvolved at the moment.

'But couldn't you have phrased the question better, like 'do I see anyone new taking undue interest in us?' or something like that?'

'Hey, I rolled a 19, I don't need to.'

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