Bringing Down the House

Our cover is blown! At this point in our subversion it's the equivalent of Scooby Doo pulling a white sheet from us to reveal we're not actually ethereal. Nevertheless, by stopping the apparent leader of the seditious movement against the city from murdering a spy our plans to infiltrate the group and bring it down from within are coming to a violent conclusion as we only just get our foot figuratively in the door.

Managing to escape the cellar, despite an acidic cloud belched from dogs that don't belong in this realm, our position looks rather more like it can be survived than before. Just to make sure, Geoff decides to drop some burning oil down the trapdoor, which has had its rope ladder cut, hoping to set fire to the tapestries and wooden fixtures that predominate below. Working as fast as he can, Geoff rifles through his backpack to find the oil as well as his flint to light the wick.

This takes him longer than he realised, and is left without time to light the oil before there is more action around him, even though he didn't sheathe his weapon and dropped it instead to speed up the process. He is left wondering how quickly he'll be able to drop burning oil in to the cellar to prevent our attackers from engaging us again.

Ann-See comes up with an excellent plan, telling him to 'drop the oil and flint down the trapdoor at the same time, and let nature take its course', but Geoff decides not to follow this advice. A handful of seconds later the oil is lit and the tapestries below start to catch alight. This buys us valuable time to regroup, and we need it as the leader of the movement has sneaked out and ambushes Dexter.

A battle of attrition is then wreaked, resulting in the death of the leader of the movement and her lieutenant, the destruction of the house above the cellar temple, and Dexter, Tal and Geoff being knocked unconscious and bleeding. Ann-See tends to their wounds once we are safe from further attacks, reviving all of the party. Me? I was stopping the saved spy from escaping who turned out probably wouldn't try to escape anyway, as well as apparently babysitting a wannabe thief, so I was mostly useless. I need to work on that.

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