Who Needs a Pony?

Having defeated the acrobats and now looking for their escaped leader and hunting for further clues as to his motivation behind the murder we start to head back across town to the inn where we found out the troupe was staying. The inn is about a thirty minute walk from the theatre, and we are still racing against the clock to uncover the whole plot in time for the council's meeting that evening. 'Time is of the essence, let's jog', I say.

Dexter thinks we're fitter than that by suggesting instead that 'we could sprint'.

'Only if the inn is in a straight line from where we are.'

George, always thinking of a better solution, chips in with 'we could get some peasants to give us a piggy-back'.

But Ann-See goes one better. 'We still have the scroll! We'll get us some riding peasants.'

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