The Gloom

The Dire Gloom has me in its clutches, slowly draining me of all my charisma. My personal situation looks rather bleak, but overall things are going quite well. For a start, I am the least combative member of the party and I am keeping the dangerous beast occupied. Had anyone else in the party been snared by the Gloom so early in the fight we may have had a difficult time fighting down the minions before we were subdued. Of course, I have time to muse over this as I have little on my mind except for a sucking tentacle. Even so, Il try to escape when I can, but the vice-like grip the monster has on my body is proving difficult to slip out of.

As I am struggling for breath, the others are doing fine work as always. George, Tal, Ann-See and Dexter are all taking down the minions with little disruption. Someone has the forsight to sunder the boss's rapid-firing crossbow that is threatening to turn anyone in range in to a pin cushion. After that is accomplished, Tal and Ann-See rush the house, Ann-See zooming around the boss to keep his attention, stopping to slip her blade in to a weak spot before dancing around him again. Tal tries to help me with the Dire Gloom and, unfortunatelyfor him, he succeeds. Tal joins the monster's grapple with me to start damaging it and shortly after he does I manage to slide out of the Gloom's grasp. The Gloom decides that instead of pursuing me it will snack on Tal instead.

With my feeble attacks and lack of defences against such a strong monster I head in to the next room to help take down the boss, which happens soon after I arrive thanks to all the work done by the others up to that point. Just the Gloom is left to defeat, and it's chugged down Tal's charisma and starting to taste his constitution as a dessert. All our fighters jump on to the Gloom and hit it wherever it looks like it might hurt. Eventually, the Gloom dissipates in what we assume is its death, leaving behind a comatose Tal on the floor. He's going to need some bed rest. And someone to carry him to a bed. But we prevail once again, and we'll get Tal back on his feet.

One Response to “The Gloom”

  1. Tal Says:

    Tal won't just need bedrest, he's going to need either some serioulsy good makeup or a very concealing cloak for a few days.