We Start What We Finished

The riot has been quelled! The instigators have agreed to turn themselves in to prevent further bloodshed, with a promise of leniency because of the underhand dealings of the town's (now ex-) captain. The root cause of the riot was the disappearance of some mining gear, official town property. This was found and returned, and the person who took the gear has been revealed as an evil cutlist intent on bringing the destruction of civilisation. All in a day's work for us.

The General who hired us on behalf of the capital city is pleased with the result, and wishes us to return to the capital with him to present a report of what happened. Tal is still somewhat unconscious from the fight with the Gloom, but we imagine he wouldn't mind coming along. Even George is okay with this, as despite being a deserter from the army his work in the town has all but got him an official pardon. But we still need a way to get Tal moving, and manage to do so by using an improvised method.

As we are leaving town, we hear from behind us the newly-appointed town captain is updating the inventory to ensure that all the missing mining gear is now accounted for. Just before we get out of hearing range, his voice is raised as he declares that they are still short one piece of equipment and that there will be trouble if it isn't found, intact or otherwise, soon! We think about running ahead to tell General Juthe there may be a new storm brewing but as we are weighed down, pushing Tal in the wheelbarrow used for carrying ore that we borrowed, we decide against it. I'm sure it's nothing.

Onwards to the city of Borat!

One Response to “We Start What We Finished”

  1. Melmoth Says:

    My name a Borat. I come a from Kazakhstan. Can I say first, we support your war of terror!