Defeated by Smugness

At last we encounter the Blood Angel, our current nemesis, bent on destroying the whole world. The cultists that summoned it all lie dead, circled around the Blood Angel, and a demon companion taunts us whilst throwing mystical balls of fiery energy towards us. Two of us engage the demon dogs, one keeps the demon companion occupied, and the others start attacking the Blood Angel.

With a bit of thought and a clear memory of how the monster was summoned and how to defeat it we realise we need to make use of the corpses in the room, and start to hack at them before striking the Blood Angel itself. Our attacks are wounding it, but he Blood Angel is not stupid. It moves, slowly crawling to manoeuvre itself on top of the dead summoners. As its great form passes over a corpse the body is absorbed immediately, leaving behind no trace. With it's movement comes an opportunity, and Dexter seizes it. 'I spy a clear line with which I can charge in to the fray!'

'Careful you don't trip', is returned as advice, but Dexter had not planned to charge the Blood Angel itself, preventing any stumbling from turning him in to the next cadaverous victim.

Despite our effective tactic, the corpses were being absorbed as quickly as we could move to a different one, and without any corpses our hope of victory would surely be lost. Trying to keep the Blood Angel at bay there was talk of snatching one of the corpses away to safety, with Tal's last ditch suggestion of 'grabbing one of the bodies and jumping out of the window at the back!'

' to the chasm? That's a little extreme, don't you think?'

'There's a chasm?' We clearly need more time to think, but the Blood Angel is not stopping. George has his twin blades drawn, but only one is ready to attack the Blood Angel, the other needs recoating.

Ann-See spots George getting ready to coat his weapon with his first action. 'No, hit the Blood Angel with the good weapon first, then you can decide what to do with your other action. Nothing is wasted this way!' George ruminates on this briefly before deciding that Ann-See's suggestion makes sense. He brings his blade around and thrusts it deep in to the Blood Angel.

George's first attack, the one that was going to be used on hitting a stationary object, gets a natural 20 on the die roll, which is confirmed for a critical hit! The extra damage caused by the critical hit is enough to stop the Blood Angel, and we watch as its life fades. Well, we assume the critical hit did enough damage to kill it, it could just have been the large amount of smugness emanating from Ann-See after her suggestion. Still, she may well have just saved the party, along with the world.

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