Knifey in Shattrath

Knifey has been hanging around with all the cool Netherwing Drake-riding kids in Shattrath City, having moved on from Azeroth through the Dark Portal. I've been using the Scryer's inn as a resting place for now, mostly because the jump from the Scryer tier down to the upper city whilst painful can be survived. It's about time I make the choice between affiliating myself with either the Aldor or Scryer faction though.

When Tiger reached Shattrath City, shortly after the Dark Portal opened, she chose to side with the Scryers mostly on a whim. Whilst ostensibly from an opposing faction they had brighter and more colourful designs, offered an opportunity to see life from a different point of view, and even if they weren't night elves they were still elves. It was only much later that I found out the Aldor offer better reputation-based armour and recipes for her being a blacksmithing protection warrior.

Faust, my warlock, pottered in to the Outlands fashionably late and found his way to Shattrath. It might have been reasonable to think that I would not be making the same rash decision as I had with Tiger and research the choice of Aldor against Scryer. Reasonable, but wrong, as I chose Aldor for no other reason than Tiger was Scryer and it seemed like a good idea to have someone in each camp. I had spent more time around female Draenei and their tails by then as well. Needless to say, the Scryers hold better rewards for an enchanter and tailor who happens to be a damage-dealing spellcaster.

It's reassuring to realise that I eventually learn my lesson, and Knifey refused to pick sides until I had done some research. I asked the quartermasters for each faction what they had to offer me should I decide to work to advance their cause. 'What role do you take in the adventuring milieu?', I am asked, to which I reveal my poison-dripping daggers and mask my pink-haired head to answer I am a rogue. 'Ah, well, there's a generic weapon that could be considered rogue-ish, I suppose, but nothing of note and no armour. Still, you can get that kind of equipment in the many dangerous dungeons in the Outlands and surely don't need to rely on us for that. Now, my little friend, what profession do you enjoy as a money sink?' After pointing out that I am, in fact, a tall one, I eagerly reply that I tinker as an engineer in my spare time, creating all manner of interesting gadgets that only occasionally explode. 'A what?'

The above conversation was identical for both the Aldor and Scryer, with no weapons, armour or schematics on offer that would attract me to one faction over the other. I thought I must have overlooked something, as surely engineers and rogues couldn't be entirely overlooked in the broadest storyline arc of the Outlands. I called up my Gnomish internet browser and searched for "scryer or aldor for rogue engineer", and the first hit was precisely that question answered with 'Neither one gives you *#%!' I'm glad I spent the time researching it.

Knifey made up his mind, affiliating with the Scryers. After all, being able to jump down to avoid waiting for the lift is quite handy.

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