The Joy of Fishing

Sapphire, my warrior with a tail, is in Stranglethorn Vale taking care of the pirate population when I spy some floating wreckage nearby. Fishing has never been a profession I've taken too much interest in, being rather too passive and not offering much direct reward. With each new character and the early fishing quests I try yet again to keep my fishing skill level current with my character, and each time it peters off quite quickly. The same is true of Sapphire, but I have perhaps the highest skill in fishing than on any other character. On a previous time fishing I manage to pull a crate out of some floating wreckage in which I find a book that teaches me how to spot concentrations of fish. I thought that would be handy, but now I have yellow dots on the mini-map forever reminding me that I could be fishing.

With the thought of perhaps some interesting treasure again waiting for me I whip out my fishing rod for a few minutes of relaxing, or boring, fishing at the wreckage. I fortuitously have the skill required to fish in the area and, to my delight, I pull a couple of mithril-bound chests from the wreckage. Inside one of those chests is a 210 skill enchanting formula to add stamina to a shield! This is not a particularly common formula to find and is particularly handy for my enchanter wannabe-tank. Maybe I should take more time to fish.

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