Basement of Flying Daggers

An ornate dagger is spotted in the basement, amongst a pile of junk. Being interested in the occult, the rabbi moves closer and bends down to pick it up. To everyone's amazement, and some disbelief, the dagger appears to fly up from the floor of its own accord to attack the rabbi! He tries to dodge but his aged frame simply isn't agile enough, and the dagger strikes in to his flesh.

As quickly as the dagger flashed through the air it becomes motionless, and the marine in our group wants to ensure it stays that way. 'I sure as hell don't want that thing jumping up at me, whatever caused it. Let's put a large rock over it to stop it from moving.'

'Soldier, personally I would advise against that, what with it still being in my leg. Professor, you're a biologist, perhaps you could remove the dagger safely? I'm in a bit of pain.'

'I don't know about that. What if it attacks me?'

'Oy vey, then I do it myself', and with that the rabbi eases the dagger out from his flesh and tosses it to one side, wincing with the pain as he does.

'Hey, rabbi, the dagger didn't move when you tossed it. Why don't you go ahead and examine it now?'

The rabbi's reply was perhaps anachronistic to the 1920s and better left unquoted.

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