Chicken Simian

Our goblin guide we rescued, his corpse being dragged along behind us, whispers to the warlock that a door ahead supposedly leads to a treasure room. We must investigate!

The battle map we use is wiped clean of the previous combat zone and the party waits expectantly in limbo. Under his breath, whilst reading the printed adventure, the GM mutters '...cockmonkeys'.

'Really? I must peruse the Monster Manual a little more if there are such creatures in the world. Do we know anything about them?'

Another player suggests that 'maybe it requires a Nature skill check'.

I make a D20 roll and add my skill modifier. 'I rolled 18 and add 7, giving me a check of 25 for knowledge of cockmonkeys. Apparently I have studied the species extensively.'

'If only any of us could say we're surprised.'

Sadly, we only find goblins when the door ahead is opened.

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