Sapphire's Brewfest Adventure

After being told about Knifey's disappointing time at Brewfest last week I had planned to give it a miss, but Damacy showed me her cute Wolpertinger pet and I wanted one for myself. As the festival was still in full swing and peasants were encouraging me to visit I decided to take some time to see what the fuss was about.

Realising that the Brewfest rams were not available for general purchase I didn't want to dedicate too much time to collecting Brewfest tokens, but once at the Brewfest area outside of Ironforge there were two quick and easy opportunities to gain ten tokens each. With these tokens in my pocket I thought it would be foolish not to check to see what could be purchased with them. Knifey was adament that there was nothing of any value to buy, but I don't think he'd seen the Wolpertinger.

I ask the gnome seller what is on offer and have a thorough browse of her stock. There are a few outfits for sale, but they are unflattering and uninteresting. At least the Midsummer outfit that Knifey picked up sets him on fire when he dances. Quite right too, his moves are hot! Apart from the outfits there are a few drinking purchases, but not being a mana user and not really caring for booze these do not interest me either. It seems that Knifey is right.

But tucked away in the back is an item of interest. A special hops plant that when fed to your mount changes it in to something 'more festive'. One of the hops plants only has a two day duration, another seven days, but one has no duration limit placed on it and costs the twenty tokens that I happen to have. It seems like the ideal purchase and worth the extra cost over the other two hops for its lack of time constraint. I exchange my tokens for the plant.

It's not ideal for the hops to take up bag space but at least I get something out of Brewfest that I can continue to enjoy. With the day growing late I try out my new purchase to have fun with it briefly before heading in to town to rest. I give my big cat a taste of the hops and she turns in to a Brewfest ram! I may not be able to get a special ram mount, but I can get the next best thing it seems, and one that doesn't run out with time.

Oh, except that the hops gets consumed with use. Yes, the extra cost of the hops may guarantee its use well in to the next year but it is a strictly one-use item. I would perhaps feel more chagrined at having wasted its single use having only wanted to sample its effects if I didn't consider the item to be completely worthless because of its limited applicability. I see no reason to waste time collecting tokens so that once or twice in the future I can make my mount look like a ram. I have enough trouble deciding when to use potions, and those can be bought as standard equipment all year around.

Of course, there is the Wolpertinger pet that can be bought from the Brewfest vendor, so it might seem that the festival isn't a complete waste of time. Except that the Wolpertinger is bought for cash, not a single token required, so you don't need to participate in any of the activities to get one. If you don't drink and aren't high enough level to get the daily quest in Blackrock Depths, which is where the real Brewfest rewards are, Brewfest is a complete waste of time.

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