Back to the Keep

After what seems like the longest overnight stay in an inn in history we arise and head back to the Keep on Shadowfel to investigate the goblin threat within, prevent the opening of a gate to hell and, perhaps most importantly, to map the keep for a curious intellectual. We get paid for the mapping, which is why it is important.

It is also perhaps a little demoralising that we are meant to be making a detailed map of the keep because when we finally get back underground and look at the single floor that we have partially mapped so far an argument breaks out. 'We should go down this passage, as that is where the monster ran away last time.'

'No, he ran down there. That's where we should head to find his lair.'

'No. He definitely made his escape down this way.' This doesn't bode well for receiving payment for an accurate map.

'I'm telling you he didn't! He fled down there!'

'...we're talking about different creatures, aren't we?'

'Hmm. Yes. Okay, let's go this way.' It was the best of all decisions, if only because it sent us off the edge of our scribe's map, requiring the use of another sheet of paper to continue. We've clearly lost none of our skills during the intermission.

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