They Are Actually Sharp?

It is gloomy in the Keep on Shadowfel and with a gate to hell being opened somewhere inside it is also not a place one wants to be stumbling around in the dark. 'What can we use for light in here?', asks Adran, our ranger.

'We can break out our sunrods, as they provide a good source of light', replies Kawakami.

'Do we have any?'

'Oh, plenty', comes the reply from Kawakami, followed by a positive response from each party member in turn. 'They are supplied as part of the standard adventurer's kit, so it's safe to assume we all have a couple.'

'I don't have one', replies Adran, protesting that 'I couldn't afford it.'

'You could have afforded it if you hadn't bought the two ornamental longswords strapped to your hips.'

Adran notices the slight and snaps back, 'They aren't ornamental!', but with his famed reluctance to step in to melee range it is easy to see why we'd be confused about that.

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