Reading the Unreadable

Delving deeper in to the corridors and rooms of the Keep on the Shadowfell we find some engravings on a wall. 'Can anyone read Draconic?', asks the DM. It turns out that our warlock is versed in the language of the dragons. 'There is some indecipherable Draconic written on the wall in front of you.'

'What does it read?', asks the warlock.

'You don't know. It is indecipherable.' With that resolved we press onwards.

It is not long before we stray upon a crypt full of sarcophagi. Whilst not threatening in itself, one cannot be too careful when investigating a Keep that is purportedly being used to open a gate to the Underworld. We tread carefully when entering the crypt, hoping not to wake the dead.

Kawakami, our warlord, leads us in to the crypt. As he gets to a central part of the crypt there is a sudden sound of scraping stone as the lids of several of the sarcophagi start to open. Brave Sir Adran, our elven ranger of the ornamental swords, becomes worried at this turn of events. 'I want my mummy!', he whimpers.

I have to say, that really isn't the best plea to make when facing the undead.

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