I Know This One

After battling an endless supply of skeletons jumping randomly out of the sarcophagi we explore beyond the crypt's far door. Another, more imposing sarcophagus greets our view as we pass in to the antechamber. A far more threatening skeleton climbs out of its resting place as it senses our presence. Luckily, we are able to convince it that we are not a direct threat, stopping it from attacking immediately. Perhaps it was our heroic presence, quick talking, or maybe the ranger's whimpering that helped.

Even so, the skeleton is still menacing and wants some proof that we are not here to promote the imminent opening of the gate to hell. In turn, it faces each of us and asks a question to gauge our true destiny. Ere long he turns to Iago and asks, 'What god do you serve and can I trust you to fulfil his destiny?'

'Yes, you can,' Iago responds firmly and with assured confidence. 'I worship... Owen? Um, Ioun maybe. It's the god of knowledge, I don't know how to pronounce the name though.' It's a stirring and convincing speech, clearly showing Iago to be dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. What option does the skeleton have but to let us continue our heroic efforts.

3 Responses to “I Know This One”

  1. Iago Says:

    You dare mock me! I will call upon to smite you down!

    Actually, maybe I should change to worship Orcus after all, it's easier to pronounce - but is that a hard 'c' or a soft 'c'?

  2. Elf Says:

    I don't think Orcus has a soft anything.

  3. Zubon Says:

    But he ends on such a nice sibilant!