Gnomesblight Finds Adventure

Taking a break from hours of mining I take Gnomesblight, my Death Knight, to Blade's Edge Mountains for quests and excitement. I work my way through the quests given at Sylvanar and return later to head across the valley to find the gnomes of Toshley's Station. At Toshley's Station I am asked to test a device of the gnomes, which I happily agree to. Even subjecting myself to potentially dangerous levels of electricity seems like a better idea than mining more ore right now.

I get charged up and am shot in to the air, but thankfully coming back down to earth slowly. I float gently down and am glad that I pointed myself away from all the monsters in the area. Landing with a small bump I return to Toshley's Station and let them know the results, whereupon I am asked if I would like to test a more powerful version. Sure, why not? I need to wait a couple of minutes because I am still tingling with the built-up charge, so I head off to complete a task for another gnome first.

I am to open some nether drake eggs, which luckily doesn't affect my reputation with the nether drakes, and collect some essences of drakes in various states of evolution. If they are not in the correct evolutionary state I give them a blast with the Temporal Phase Modulator I am given and try again. The modulator works quite well for the most part but there was a little side-effect. When zapping one of the hatched drakes I don't get quite what I expect when Nihil the Banished, an elite boss, appears in front of me.

I am a little taken aback and stand stunned for a few seconds whilst Nihil the Banished thanks me for releasing him to perform all manner of evil deeds on an unsuspecting world. Just as I get myself composed and bring my weapon to bear on the dragon he flies off. If it isn't bad enough that I accidentally summon an elite dragon boss he scarpers before I get a chance to collect his essence for my quest, the ungrateful git. Undeterred, I continue cracking eggs and collect all my essences.

The static charge I had built-up has completely abated by now so I return to the gnomes. I hand in my signed waiver agreeing not to sue them should anything go wrong and step back on to the platform. I decide to point myself in a friendly direction again, thinking this is the easiest money I've made in a while, and wait for the charge to build up. As I blast in to the air I realise that my flying direction is rather more random, to the point where I am soaring over the valley that is Death's Door. It's quite a long way down to the ground of Death's Door so I am pleased to see that I'll just about clear the valley and land on the other side. It's a bit of a run back to Toshley's station, but better than falling to my doom.

As I get my bearings after landing I spy a giant who looks a bit out of place amongst the flying serpents. It is Morcrush, a rare elite mob. Even though he is elite and two levels above me I don't run in the opposite direction. I quite like a bit of a challenge and being a Death Knight has seen me crush most obstacles in my path so far. I clear a few serpents around the giant and switch in to frost presence, getting ready for a bit fight. With some runic power left over from the fights with the serpents and my health almost full I blast Morcrush with an icy touch.

Morcrush doesn't hit too hard, instead relying on smaller Morcrushes to do damage that break off when he is injured. I have my area-of-effect attacks to help me, though, including being able to spread my disease attacks to adjacent enemies. I mangle a few attacks, adrenalin pumping a little, and suck down a potion to rejuvenate me a little. It is not long before Morcrush is defeated and all his little minions soon afterwards! It was quite close but I still don't think I should have been able to defeat an elite mob two levels above me. I suppose I am pretty powerful outside of my own imagination after all.

Morcrush is only carrying some mail armour on him, which is a bit of a shame, but at least I am awarded the 'Medium Rare' achievement for killing a hard-to-find rare mob in the Outlands. It has been an interesting and fun time adventuring and a splendid break from mining for ore.

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