The Temple of Doh

The master of the undead miners has been unmasked, his power over them revealed to be exerted by a skull artefact, and he is heading out of the mine back to the surface to continue his nefarious plan. Seeing the boss jump in to a mine cart and push off there is only one way we can possible catch him, by giving chase in our own out-of-control mine carts.

We stumble in to the remaining mine carts and try to keep our balance as they gather speed down the rickety rails, in-between firing off spells and abilities at the boss's cart ahead. With some deft control one of the carts catches up with the boss and Fargrim heroically jumps from to the lead cart to engage the boss in direct combat.

The ensuing struggle makes the cart lose control and it twists and turns, struggling against the confining rails, until a wheel can no longer take the strain and sheers its mount. The unbalanced cart strikes a sleeper and is thrown tumbling through the air! Fargrim's trained reflexes activate his magic armour, allowing him to float out of the cart and to the stoney ground safely, the wayward cart striking mightily against the rock wall, killing the boss still inside.

'Ha ha, I'm alive! I may have been risking death to jump out of the mining cart hurtling at such a speed through the air, but my armour saves the day. I'm ali-'. Fargrim's soliloquy is cut short as his own mine cart, abandoned to jump in to the one of the boss, rolls over him after it had made its lonely way down the track, almost crushing him to the ground.

'Ouch. It's a good thing I'm wearing a tonne of armour and that the cart was empty, otherwise that would have really hur-'. Our own mine cart, trailing behind the others because of our general incompetence, finally catches up.

'Hey, the boss is dead. Let's grab the skull and loot the body!'

'Great! That looks like Fargrim behind us, should we do anything?'

'Yep, grab his armour, it could come in useful.'

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