You Must be Tripping

Miners are turning in to wights, our own thoughts are getting mixed with foreign voices telling us to protect a mysterious entity and, worst of all, we are in danger of missing the celebration to be held in our honour, where there is bound to be a free bar. We need to get deeper in to the mine to uncover the strange happenings quickly. We press on through the tunnel system after the fight with almost-undead miners until 'the tunnel opens in to a huge cavern'.

'When you say 'huge'...'

'It's not a 3-by-3 square, no.' With the appropriate sense of scale imparted to us we are ready to be awed by the bone-strewn cavern, skeletons covering the floor to what must be at least a foot deep, with a large statue standing in the middle of it all. Before we have time to join our exhibitionist rogue, flaunting his skills in dancing on one of the chains connecting the statue to the cavern's walls, two monsters burst out of pits hidden amongst the bones. A massive undead snake and a multi-limbed fiend attack!

Crunching in to action over the inert skeletons we make good use of manipulating our opponent's movements to put them at a disadvantage, my ability to turn undead causing them to flee from us, the fighters' marks forcing the monsters to attack a certain target or be harmed, and one character hampers movement by knocking our foes prone. 'But it's a snake.'

'It still gets knocked prone.' It is thus by causing a snake to stumble that we prevail. Huzzah! Onwards to more adventure.

One Response to “You Must be Tripping”

  1. Zubon Says:

    "The gelatinous cube is knocked prone. No, seriously."