Can You Be More Specific?

We have hijacked Adam West's Batmobile and Henry Rollins's Humvee and are chasing after a van driven by our arch-enemies The Foot, who have a kidnapped Kate Beckinsale with them. With deft driving of the Batmobile by Casey, some acrobatics in and out of the van by the turtles, and an unfortunate ditching of the Humvee The Foot are eventually beaten up and thrown out of the van.

Kate Beckinsale, now safely rescued, is dropped off at a hospital leaving us free to get to the bottom of the kidnapping. 'I shall look for clues.'

'What are you looking for?', asks the GM.

'Clues.' After being a bit more active in our search, some digging in the glove compartment reveals a GPS device. By punching on some likely looking buttons we soon find a highlighted address that should provide us with more information to thwart whatever Shredder is up to this time.

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