Extreme Mining in Wintergrasp

I am loitering in Dalaran waiting for the portal to be opened to Lake Wintergrasp, in a full raid of people eager to assault the fortress and displace the Horde defenders. Getting a little impatient, and wondering if I could grab some ore from Wintergrasp before the battle begins, I ride to Krasus's Landing and jump on my winged steed of the Ebon Blade, flying west towards the zone of Wintergrasp.

Whilst I have perhaps left it a little late to do any serious mining before the battle begins I am able to land in Wintergrasp about ten seconds before the portal opens back in Dalaran, so instead of looking for ore I take point and ride towards the fortress.

Just as I am about to attack a couple of NPCs, to help boost my rank quickly, I spot a titanium node appear on my mini-map. Distracted by how shiny it is I veer sharply away from the NPCs and head to mine the ore. It is a little disappointing to see a blood elf reach the node first, but this is a PvP zone and ore is not gathered until mining completes, which can be interrupted.

I cast death grip on the blood elf, pulling him violently away from the node and to my position. In fact, he is pulled to my previous position, as I continue running towards the titanium even as I cast chains of ice to shackle the blood elf behind me. Of course, he is not going to accept my own claim to the titanium node and prepares some ranged attacks to interrupt me in return.

Unfortunately for the blood elf our little exchange has consumed the ten second lead I had and my death grip pulled him in to the path of two rampaging Alliance raid groups, which fall on him like locusts on wheat. I wish I could have seen the look on his face, but I was busy putting some titanium ore in my backpack.

2 Responses to “Extreme Mining in Wintergrasp”

  1. jarrod Says:

    nice work :D
    i love the smell of saronite in the morning.

  2. cootewards Says:

    Oh so funny, still that'll teach them for playing a gay-emo-manga-elf race.