The Plot Thicks!

Lavinia, the priestess who has asked us to find her chum who has apparently gone missing, sends a scamp to find us relaxing in the inn, where Gruknal is seeing how many pints of ale his poison resistance 5 allows him to drink. The scamp tugs on Adran's tunic and urges us to go to the shrine where Lavinia awaits us. With the promise of no reward and not really caring where her friend is, how can we resist? We amble off towards the shrine.

When we get close to the shrine we are startled to see Lavinia running towards us, a panicked look on her face and dagger in hand, being chased by those she has accused of being suspiciously involved in her friend's disappearance. It certainly looks like something untowards is happening. She heads in the direction of Adran, who takes any opportunity to grab a female and tries to comfort her. It must be his famous charm, because Lavinia clearly isn't calmed and instead strikes her dagger in to his back, drawing a cry of pain from our elven ranger.

With a shift in features it becomes apparent that the creature crawling over Adran isn't Lavinia at all but a doppelganger, catching us by surprise, much to Adran's pains. The attack by the doppelganger puts us in to the traditional dilemma as voiced by Krafft, 'which one do we attack?'

'What do you mean?', cries out Adran, squirming backwards from the blow from the dagger, 'she still has the form of Lavinia and looks nothing like me!'

'Well, yes, but she clearly has keen instincts to attack you, almost in tune with our own. She could be a good addition to the party. If only we had more time to think!' Because of the pressure in needing to make a quick decision we pick the devil we know over the devil we don't and defend Adran, defeating the doppelganger and fake priests. The real Lavinia is found tied and gagged behind the altar of the shrine after the fight.

On the positive side, we now have evidence of a possible conspiracy in the city and have some kind of motivation to pursue a greater goal than finding a missing person.

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