It's All Relative

We follow a doppelganger dwarf to a warehouse in a quiet section of the town and sneak inside to investigate who else is inside before we confront the doppelganger. We manage to get in to a closed office area on a mezzanine level but it looks like further use of stealth will be hampered by a lack of cover. But maybe we don't need cover if there are enough aural distractions. 'How noisy is it in the main warehouse?', I ask.

Newcomer shaman Grimstorm responds, 'it's quite well-lit'. At least we now know who took the synaesthesia trait, which may come in handy. Instead of trying to rely on stealth we start to work out how best to surprise the handful of workers or miscreants within. Our plan apparently involves shrugging our shoulders in a non-committal manner until someone comes up the stairs and wanders in to an accidental ambush. It works brilliantly, taking everyone completely by surprise!

The combat is taken outside of the office and in to the warehouse, where we fight on walkways and the floor, casting enemies amongst the many empty cardboard boxes that every warehouse is required by law to have piled around. Our main foe is quite readily apparent, with beams of radiant energy strobing out from him to his companions' blades and also striking anyone daring to attack him from a distance.

The radiant enemy is quite well-protected, Adran showing some concern that 'a 27 versus reflex doesn't hit him?' on another character's miss. 'It would have hit me', he continues.

'That's duly noted', replies Krafft, 'and I shall file that useful information away for future back-stabbing chicanery.' It's always important to know your enemy.

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