Are You Also Infatigably Sarcastic?

The priest of Moradin and all his little helpers is defeated in the warehouse, the final blow knocking him unconscious for later questioning. Before we wake him from this blissful state we discuss just what we are going to ask him, focussing mostly on whether we have just viciously beaten up what we suspect is a doppelganger or an actual priest of Moradin and the repercussions of the two options.

Gruknal, with his clerical background and reverence to Moradin, is concerned that we have indeed attacked a man of the cloth, as he was 'clearly casting Moradin spells' because of the radiant enery emitted from the man.

'He is a phony priest', retorts Krafft, sure that we have been fighting a doppelganger, 'of a made-up religion.'

Despite Krafft's personal views on certain deities, no doubt tainted by his devotion to the Raven Queen, Gruknal's ire is deflected by Adran's contribution to the dilemma. 'He can cast spells, can't he? You can be a player character as a doppelganger, they're in the back of the monster manual, I think.'

'Our ranger is speaking in tongues! Grimstorm, my friend, cast your most powerful healing on our elven colleauge, for I fear he has suffered an almighty blow on the head.' With Adran being tended to for his curious outburst Gruknal has an idea on how to reveal the true identity of the now-bound possibly fake priest. 'Let us ask him many questions about Moradin and see if he really is a cleric of the church.'

The man is roused back to consciousness and Gruknal enters in to a theological discussion of some depth with him. It becomes clear after a couple of minutes of talk that 'he clearly doesn't know what he is talking about!'

'Really? Let's ask him to join our party, it sounds like he'll fit right in.'

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