To Lack or Not to Lack in Confidence

With a player absent our normal campaign takes a short break. Instead, we play an introductory game of Legend of the Five Rings. We each choose our character from a small selection generated before the session by the GM and note our abilities, characteristics and various strengths and weaknesses.

Our scenario is to compete in a tournament that should see our characters in training become samurai, through a series of events that test martial and social prowess, culminating in a duelling competition to find the most skilled young swordfighter in the realm.

Before we get to the climactic duel there are many more smaller competitions to engage in, starting with basic wrestling. One of the competitors amongst our group, Shiba Akira, looks a little downhearted, noting that 'I am really going to suck at this event'.

'Um, don't you have the 'overconfidence' disadvantage on your character, which means you are confident about your abilities in any activity to the point of arrogance?'

A quick check of the character sheet produces a cry of, 'What I meant to say, of course, was that my opponent will be tasting dirt for a week!'

That's the spirit.

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