I Actually Wanted the Chocolate Bourbon For Myself

Continuing the tournament of potential young samurai we are taken individually before a panel who test each one of us on our courtly knowledge, politeness and manners. One of the questions concerns the acceptance of gifts.

Kenji-san is surprisingly aware of such matters for a member of the Crab clan and gives the right answer. 'Yes, as you have made clear, one must reject a gift three times before its offering can be considered sincere. Well done, Kenji-san, along with your other answers you have passed this test.'

'It is an honour to be judged wise enough in such matters', he replies, bowing.

'Before you leave, would you like a biscuit?'

'Ooh, thanks, I would.' Despite this transgression, Kenji-san keeps the point he scored in the event.

One Response to “I Actually Wanted the Chocolate Bourbon For Myself”

  1. Kenji-san Says:

    All that being polite is okay in theory, but there was biscuits at stake here.