My Pet Ghoul

Running away from the continuing danger of the unslain Aboleth we make it close to the drow city, a glyph on the ground in front of one of a pair of tunnels attracting our attention. Also attracting our attention are the wights and ghoul skittering down the tunnel bearing the glyph, as well as the wonderfully clumsy drow rogue falling off a ledge behind us, in a less-than-stealthy manner. Another drow appears from the other tunnel, along with a drider. It looks like we have a fight on our hands.

Although the undead monsters attack us directly the drow keep their distance, which suits us just fine. we drop a sunrod and engage the wights and ghoul. It isn't long before Gruknal is immobilised, which doesn't bother him too much because of his marking and tanking abilities, but it provides a decent target for the undead. 'Hello, you're an immobilised dwarf', says one of the wights, 'I'm going to sink my fangs in to you.' It seems they were once toffs, maybe we simply need to knock their monocles off to gain an advantage.

I take advantage of all three undead lined up nicely to unleash my powerful blast ability, neatly damaging all of them. Oh, what's this? It seems the new implement scavenged from a previous fight has sent a beam of black energy to the ghoul, dominating it. I send my new pet ghoul to the far wall and order it to sit down, allowing us to concentrate on killing the wights first. One wight gets hit by a massive blow from Adran, but Grimstorm claims that 'it was my damage that killed it, I took the hit points off the bottom.'

The second wight falls soon, as it is our only remaining opponent with the drow holding their ground, and I have a better idea for my ghoul. The ghoul moves to attack Adran, as I claim 'Oh no, I have lost control of the ghoul, it's on a killing spree!' This is a time I ought to have kept my mouth shut, as my pitiful bluff check fools no one and I have then to pretend that it was just a jape after all. However, getting the ghoul to stand up gives us a plan.

The dominated ghoul starts running laps around our stationary group, provoking as many opportunity attacks as possible, adding to the attacks that everyone can normally make during their action. Our dwarf is feeling a bit left out, still being immobilised, so I move my badger self over to him and give him a push to get him in to range of the galavanting ghoul. My pet ghoul shakes off the domination effect after a while, but all the attacks he received whilst under the effects took their toll and he drops soon after regaining its senses.

And with that, the drow and drider move away down the tunnel, leaving us to rest, and to wonder what their intentions were. Our guide informs us that the glyph points the way to the drow city, causing further intrigue as to what undead are doing coming from the city and why the drow and drider head away from it.

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