Dwarf versus Immolith

Gruknal gets pulled through a wall by a giant, flaming hand, but it's okay. He soon appears again, dragging the immolith and a giant spider behind him in to the corridor, for easier party access. However, it also means that the two monsters also have greater access to us, as the GM announces that the spider 'then takes a deep breath and attacks you again.'

'A giant spider 'takes a deep breath'?' I ask, getting a bit pedantic.

'It's not just a giant spider', points out Krafft, 'it's a giant undead spider. I don't think they even need oxygen.' But they do need killing, particularly when they want to kill us. To help with the fight, our curiously quiet shaman lends me a hand, as I am being treated like a pin-cushion by a demon in a side corridor. I am granted a keener strike for a round, being able to score a critical hit on a roll of 18-20, instead of only a 20. Being a belt-and-braces kind of druid, I roll a 20 anyway, just to be sure, and it gets me out of trouble nicely.

In related shenanigans, Gruknal tries to 'split the sky' whilst we are indoors and, more to the point, deep underground, whilst Krafft wants to use his inexorable pursuit ability to run away, perhaps not following the spirit of the power. Never the less, the immolith and spider are defeated, leaving us only with a pulsating red statue of Orcus to shatter.

'Where is everyone whilst Gruknal is attacking the statue?' asks the GM, keeping everyone on their toes.

'I'm in the corridor, resting', I say.

'I'm in the corridor picking my nose', says Krafft, showing his sensitive side.

'I'm in the room with Gruknal, keeping an eye on the dwarf', replies Adran.

'Oh', says Gruknal, not that he isn't appreciative of the support, 'aren't you going to actually roleplay your character and be as far away as possible?' Adran must be hoping for a secret cache of treasure to be revealed when the statue is finally toppled, one that outweighs whatever trap or curse will hit him. We have seen this treasure/trap duality before.

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