Blinded and Dazed

I have knocked the giant spider prone during the climatic battle in the Temple of Lolth. Most of us are atop a tall altar, looking down on the pews below where Gruknal is fighting a couple of smaller spiders, and Grimstorm is keeping out of harm's way. Grimstorm's spirit companion and Adran flank me. Krafft is nearby, ready to strike the arch-priestess and our main foe.

Despite being dazed and blinded from the spider's venom, I have a good idea where the giant, prone beast lies. I lash out again with my badger claws, striking the spider so hard it is forcefully moved across the altar a few feet. Grimstorm's spirit companion's aura boosts my vigour, increasing the damage I deal to the bloodied spider.

The spider's forced movement opens up an avenue of attack for Krafft also to take advantage of the spirit companion's aura, Krafft charging in to deal the killing blow. 'You do 10 extra damage from being adjacent to my spirit companion.'

'10? Why did I get 11?'

'I made a mistake before.'

'Okay. GM, knock one point of damage off my last attack. Is the spider still alive?' Strangely enough, gaining a hit point doesn't kill it, but the strength of Krafft's hit does. The spider tumbles down the side of the altar to the ground. Unfortunately, my state of being blind and dazed lasts until the end of the spider's next turn, and it is now not getting a next turn. I'd better find myself a sturdy, white stick.

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