Injured But Alive

Her protective giant spider is killed, the companion priests are ripped to shreds, and the smaller spiders caught in cups and put outside. With only the arch-priestess left to defeat, our combined might quickly overwhelms her. In a final bid to escape, the priestess risks a ranged burst attack whilst surrounded, an attack that will leave us all less able to pursue her, but also one that provokes opportunity attacks.

As the priestess begins her invocation, swords, claws and hammers try their best to interrupt the casting. And it is just enough. The priestess collapses. All is quiet in the temple, save for heavy breathing and the wiping and stowing of weapons.

After a short while, General Xerxes appears, entering the hall to survey our victory over the priestess. He looks injured, but alive. 'That's a relief. I would be quite concerned if our major ally in the drow city came back from his battle a lich.'

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