Dominating Incompetence

Zombies, dragons, and ninjas, oh my! What else could there be for us to fight in this adventure? 'You see she is no longer a drow, but... a vampire.'

'Oh, nice', says Adran, missing one of the most repeated call-backs heard around the table in our D&D history, when Adran's player was somehow astonished and surprised to find a vampire waiting for us in a coffin in a tomb. Now whenever someone expresses some surprise about monsters, loot, or what cheese dip someone has brought, it is echoed back as... 'Of course, right. <ahem> A vampire?!' That's better.

The vampire drow gives a speech about death and decay and how flesh is weak, probably. To be honest I drifted off, but vampires tend to have similar themes, including tempting adventurers to join them, which this vampire also does. 'I'll join you', says Adran, somewhat out of character.

'Come. Drink from the goblet of blood.' Ooh, a goblet of blood, this should be interesting.

The GM wants to know who is trying to pull Adran back from his dubious path, but we're all kind of keen to see what will happen. 'No no, please, drink.' But our dwarf stands true to his duty and steps forwards to halt the ranger. The vampire's domination over Adran means that he resists violently any attempt to hold him back, and he and Gruknal roll initiative to start combat.

'My attack may hurt you, but it will also stop you in your tracks. Anvil of Doom!' Gruknal misses Adran.

'You will not stop me from obeying my new mistress. I attack!' Adran misses Gruknal. This could be a long fight of the incompetent, so it's lucky that Adran makes his saving throw against the domination effect, despite only having a greater than 50% chance of success, and ending it prematurely. Now we can fight the real enemy.

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