Stuck in a Transbot

Three loyal troubleshooters are stuck in a transbot. It's the troubleshooters' first mission for Friend Computer and they are keen to make it to the briefing room, wherever that is. The transbot, battered after crashing in to a second, refuses to open its doors. Ginger-R spies an opportunity to use her narrow specialty skill of fitting in to really narrow and dangerous spaces, and looks for a small hole in one of the windows to squeeze through. After finding one, she manages to get head and shoulders through the transbot's window before getting stuck. If she weren't so keen to use her skill, Ginger-R may have noticed that the next window along in the transbot has a much bigger hole to climb through.

Meanwhile, Jennifer-R has managed to open an emergency hatch in the ceiling of the transbot and, after accidentally kicking Peter-R in the face, has crawled out, pulled Peter-R up, and both have tumbled to the platform below. Now to get Ginger-R out from the window.

Jennifer-R wants to make the hole in the window bigger, rather than just trying to pull Ginger-R through the jagged glass. She takes the butt of her las-pistol and whacks it against, well, Ginger-R's face. Jennifer-R's skill at unarmed combat is quite low, as she has trouble with hand-eye co-ordinations when swinging a weapons. Never the less, she tries again. Ginger-R's nose is getting quite bloody now. Jennifer-R tries a different tactic, and takes careful aim at Ginger-R's face. She swings and naturally misses, smashing a section of the glass to free Jennifer-R. It is just in time, too, as the transbot had started to move off towards the tunnel. The troubleshooter team is ready to find their briefing room.

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