Culling the Crowd

As predicted, the moment we step in to Baldran's open area we are challenged by the demon and get in to a fight. We don't even get to introduce ourselves, which just isn't cricket. And although no onlooker dares to step in to the square, a large crowd forms to watch the spectacle of some idiots getting killed by the demon. As they jostle to get a good view but are careful not to enter the square, the crowd acts as an effective wall of people. They may stop us from leaving, but they also provide targets.

Adoni casts rebuke undead, a close blast that reaches out twenty-five feet and happens to spill in to the crowd. As we are in a town partially populated by undead there will be consequences for this holy energy searing the crowd. Whilst the rest of us are concerned about how it will affect our popularity, Adoni is asking just how many undead he happens to catch in the crowd. 'I get +1 damage for each target I hit.'

The GM tries to dismiss the crowd as 'non-combatants', but acquiesces and offers a suitable number of extra targets gained from rebuking a wall of undead. Adoni's power blasts from him, seriously injuring the three brutes that Baldran summons and vaporising a small section of the crowd. I don't think his robe disguise will hold out for much longer.

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