Going for the BAFTA

Our fight with the demon leader Baldran continues. 'We need to knock him unconscious and negotiate with him!' I may have spotted a flaw with this plan, but as Baldran has cast a zone of darkness, impenetrable to our senses, we have more pressing matters. Thankfully, every now and again we tempt him out, or spot his tail and are able to land some solid blows in the rough direction we think it's attached to his body.

And Adoni's powerful blasts of energy not only hurt the demon's brutes, but push back Baldran himself. This gets the demon's attention, and he turns to Adoni as his next target. Baldran's whip lashes out and wraps around Adoni's leg, the demon yanking the whip backwards to pull our companion in to the darkness.

Just before he disappears from sight, Adoni shouts, 'Fly, you fools!' But we're not going anywhere. There's no chance of us letting him take all the credit for subduing this winged demon.

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