Make War Not Love

'You wake up after having the undead skin grafts.' That's a relief! It would have been quite a ruse to kill the heroes of the adventure whilst unconscious after agreeing to cosmetic surgery. Maybe we can even turn the situation to our advantage.

'Does the operation count as an extended rest?' Apparently not. But two of us have a mummy eye to gain darkvision, another has a replacement zombie arm for increased strength, and we all have tattoos that grant allies bonuses when using action points.

Now we have some nifty undead parts we need to work out how to get the hag to agree to help us with the ritual to gain access to the ziggurat. 'We don't actually have to kill the hag, we just need to read her own tattoos', notes Lughar.

'Yes, all we need is some Lothario to seduce her and get her naked', I say looking across to Adran, making him cough and splutter. 'Then you can take rubbings, so to speak'.

'Have you seen her?!' Adran isn't keen with this idea, it seems, 'she's a hag!'

Lughar is quick to point out that 'you've had worse'. I'm not convinced that's quite true, so Lughar changes his wording a little. 'You've tried to have worse.' Adran still isn't keen with the plan. I suppose we'll be getting in to another fight.

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